The Art of Fragrance

About Us

A premium range of hand and body care formulations with luxurious, long-lasting fragrance
  • No Parabens
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  • No Silicones
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  • No Phthalates
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  • No Mineral Oils
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  • No Propylene Glycol
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  • Cruelty Free
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  • Gluten Free
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  • pH Balanced
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  • Dermatologically Tested
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At Châlon, we are passionate about the art of fragrance—the extraction and expression, the exquisite mastering of a blend, and most importantly, how it makes you feel. Châlon works with a leading Parisian perfumer to create classic, elegant scents that fit right into modern life, but are blended with tradition firmly in mind.

Châlon’s luxury hand and body care formulas are not only cleansing and nourishing, they are beautifully scented with intricately layered fragrance notes to create an indulgent series of accords that reveal themselves throughout the day.

Châlon's luxurious hand and body formulations will transport you to a world of beautiful scents, artfully blended by a Parisian perfumer for an exceptional sensory experience



Châlon contains revolutionary HaloScent® technology, a new generation of biodegradable profragrances which delivers a halo effect by releasing not only one, but two perfume molecules over time. This unique innovation sustains the fragrance's richness and fullness, ensuring a long-lasting olfactory experience.

Our Co-Founder
Jaimee Lupton

Auckland-based beauty entrepreneur Jaimee Lupton is the founder of beauty and personal care brands MONDAY Haircare, Osāna Naturals and Châlon Paris, along with several others that are yet-to-market. Featured by the likes of Vogue, Forbes, WWD and Vanity Fair, Lupton founded MONDAY Haircare in 2020 with the goal of making premium-quality beauty products more accessible and helping to democratize the industry in the process.

“Personally, I want to have products in my home that not only perform but look beautiful, without compromising my wellbeing,” says Lupton. “Châlon is that: not only are the bottles well-designed and aesthetically pleasing, but our premium formulations to contain high-quality, functional ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, along with sustainably sourced fragrance and essential oils.”